Google Calendar Events, 0.7

Version 0.7 fixes a few bugs and adds a few minor features.


  • Timezone issues: dates and times should now display in the correct timezone, regardless of the WordPress timezone setting. The plugin “Timezone adjustment” option should now work correctly
  • [link-path] shortcode: this Event Display Builder shortcode has been changed to [url] to address an issue preventing it from working correctly
  • Hidden page lists in Opera: page lists should now display correctly in Opera

Features / Enhancements

Descending order

Lists can now be displayed in descending order. This can be useful if you’re showing a list of past events. There’s a new drop-down box in the widget settings where you can choose the order. If you’re using the shortcode, there’s a new order parameter that can be set to asc or desc.

New Event Display Builder shortcodes

[cal-id] and [event-id] shortcodes have been added. These output unique identifiers assigned by Google for the calendar (feed) or event. These are most useful for constructing links to the XML or ical feeds for a single event.
For example, to construct the link to the .ics feed for a single event, you can enter the following into the Event Display Builder:

<a href="[cal-id]/public/full/[event-id]">ics feed</a>
New Event Display Builder parameters

Two new parameters have been added. The first is offset. This can be applied to the date / time based shortcodes, and essentially adds an offset (in seconds, can be negative) to dates / times before they are formatted and displayed.
The second is autolink. This parameter can be applied to the description shortcode, and controls whether or not URLs entered in the description field in Google Calendar will be automatically made into “clickable” links.

CSS Classes

The plugin now adds classes to calendar grid cells to indicate whether the day that the cell represents is in the past or the future. Past days get a gce-day-past class and future days get gce-day-future.

Tidier CSS

The CSS stylesheet that the plugin provides had a few !important declarations in it, which made overriding certain styles difficult. These have been removed. Other minor tweaks have been made too.
I’ve added a new general option that, when enabled, adds another stylesheet that contains much of the old CSS. This is to prevent layouts of sites using 0.6 and below from going wonky straight away. It would be a good idea to adjust your CSS so that you don’t need this enabled. It will be removed at some point.

All Feeds

Previously, if you didn’t enter a feed ID into the widget settings, an error message would be displayed. The shortcode would display only feed 1 if the id parameter was omitted. Now, the plugin will display all feeds in these cases. This is more consistent, useful and intuitive. You can still specify comma-separated lists of feeds IDs as before too.

Many thanks to those who downloaded, tested and provided feedback on the beta of 0.7. It is very much appreciated!

Any feedback on the new version is also welcomed. Please leave a comment below, or on the main plugin homepage, or send me an email.

You can download 0.7 from the plugin directory.

12 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Was the classes .gce-tooltip-start, .gce-tooltip-end removed? If so where can I add them?

    Also: I’m trying to use the plugin in Swedish but the arrows show “Next month” and “Previous month”. Any remedy for that? See

    Thanks, Johan

  2. Hi Ross,
    My website won’t load the next month when I click on the arrow. It just stays stuck on Loading… I’ve had this issue before and upgraded my jquery to solve it.

    Can you please help? Thanks.

  3. Hi Ross, Your plugin seems to break when you enable force admin SSL for the backend of wordpress. What happens is that when you arrow through the calendar it makes an Ajax call between ( & ( and this breaks cross-domain call rules, making the plugin just show loading but it can’t complete the request.

    A form of a proxy might work but it would require some effort, what are your thoughts as it relates to this a “force admin ssl” so backends are secure but still allowing your plugin to work.


  4. looks like google might have changed its single event .ics. This doesn’t seem to work anymore…

    <a href="[cal-id]/public/full/[event-id]">ics feed</a>