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My site was hacked, it seems. A couple of text widgets had been added, containing lots of JavaScript and other nasties.

So, if you saw lots of adverts and crap like that over the last few days, that’s why.

Also, apologies to the guy (Neill, I think?) who commented on one of my posts, mentioning the adverts. I thought it was spam, so I deleted it. Sorry!

New design!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

I’ve been wanting to redesign my site for a while now. The old design was looking… old, and to be honest, pretty¬†cringe-worthy.

When I created the original design, I was just getting stared with WordPress, so didn’t fully understand the theme development process. I’ve certainly learnt a lot more in the last couple of years.

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Things I’ve Learned Lately

I find it difficult to think of good subjects on which to write blog posts. Well, often I’ll have an idea or solve a PHP problem or find a useful tool, or something of that nature and think ‘I’ll write a blog post about that later!’. But when it comes to actually writing something, I usually can’t think of enough to say to warrant / deserve of full blog post, so just give up.

So, in an effort to keep at least a little blogging output going, I’m going to post a ‘Things I’ve Learned’ list every once in a while. These will just be bits and bobs of information to do with work, PHP, WordPress, web design, life in general… anything really that I have discovered. Although I suspect much of it will be things I should probably already know :P

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Up and Running


So, I’m up and running on the webternets. As I said on the homepage, this site will be a portfolio, a blog and a place for me to test out ideas and suchlike.

I’ll mainly talk about web design and development stuff on my blog, but I suspect other topics may come up as and when the inspiration arises.

Here’s a few notes about the construction of the site itself:

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